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About US

Six19 Black bridges ancestral roots, youthful energy, and evergreen sophistication with the vitality of wine, art, and Black culture. Celebrating the African Diaspora and the freedom of our people, we are committed to exemplifying the evolution of Blackness and the progression of thought within Black communities. We focus on Black life and its myriad of successes as we acknowledge the residual impact of slavery and systemic oppression on our present lived realities.


Our Story

Six19 Black was created to celebrate Black culture and its nuances: the sheer beauty, triumphs, and resilience. The wine’s name pays homage to Juneteenth Day, a jubilant marker of the day when enslaved people were emancipated in the United States. Founder, Trayshia Rogers, who conceived of Six19 Black when reminiscing about her childhood, highlighted the ebullience of Black women coming together. She remembers the long afternoons spent with her mother, her grandmother, extended family, and childhood friends trading stories about hardship and goodness. These memories were centered over comforting home-cooked food and delicious wine. We hope that Six19 Black can become part of your moments of celebration and fellowship.


Meet the Trayshia, founder and CEO

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