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Just as my love for culture and music has grown, so too has my love for wine. I fondly remember legendary singers and rappers talking about wine and champagne as synonymous with the good life -- something to be toasted to. Just like Hip-Hop and R&B, my palate for great tasting wine has evolved over the years. My goal for "More Wine and Dope Music" was to capture nostalgia, positivity, and relaxation in the place that you are most authentic to your dope self: at home. Six19 Black presents two new fragrances -- Sparkling Pink Lush and Slow Wine and Gin. These 8oz candles are chic and enticing and, with 50 hours of burning time, will fill up any room with its sweet notes and a melody. Both candles come with a curated playlist on Apple Music and Spotify.


Safety matches come in a 3.5in. glass jar with eight matches.


Sparkling Pink Lush Notes:

Top: Black Currant, Apple, White Wine

Middle: Cherry, Red Wine, Clove

Base: Oak, Amber, Vanilla


Slow Wine and Gin Notes:

Top: Juniper

Middle: Gin, Red Currant

Base: Balsam, Oak, Cedar

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