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Summer In The Tropics: A Refreshing New Collection from Six19 Black's Black'D Out Cocktails


Prepare to immerse yourself in a season filled with vibrant flavors and tropical vibes with the debut of Six19 Black's latest addition to their Black'D Out cocktail lineup: the Summer In The Tropics collection. This highly anticipated release introduces two exhilarating new flavors that are set to elevate your sun-soaked adventures and warm summer evenings to new heights.


🥥🌊Coco Island Breeze 🌊🥥 

Indulge in the essence of tropical bliss with Coco Island Breeze, a true delight for the senses. Picture the smooth, refreshing notes of coconut rum harmoniously blended with a touch of blue curaçao and pineapple, accented with other tantalizing ingredients. Each sip evokes the sensation of a gentle ocean breeze, transporting you to a tranquil beachside paradise. The creamy coconut and subtle citrus undertones of blue curaçao make Coco Island Breeze an essential addition to any summer gathering.


🌶️🥭Island Blaze🥭🌶️ 

For those with a penchant for adventurous flavors, Island Blaze presents the Spicy Guava Coconut Margarita—a drink that redefines boldness. This daring cocktail intertwines the exotic sweetness of guava with the luxurious creaminess of coconut, elevated by a spicy kick. The heat from the spice complements the tropical flavors and tequila resulting in a multifaceted and unforgettable taste that will leave a lasting impression.


Experience the allure of Summer In The Tropics with Six19 Black's innovative cocktails, where each sip promises to transport you to a world of sun, sea, and pure relaxation.


Ships in 2-5 days. This beverage has a shelf-life. 

Summer In The Tropics

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